Grade 4 Watches Motivational Movie

Grade 4 Watches Motivational Movie

Grade 4 students at Zakho International School, a SABIS® PPP school, watched a motivational movie on October 17, 2015.   

The activity started off with the English teacher explaining the main idea and moral of the movie called Akeelah and the Bee. This motivational movie encourages students to read and spell better. It also teaches them that success takes effort and focus. Then, the teacher asked the students different comprehension questions related to the movie.

The movie has had a positive impact on students, as they now have an increased desire to read more. They have also realized, through the main idea of the movie, that they can achieve success. Also, the students learned that they should not give up on their goals if they become more difficult to reach.

To visit the gallery of the event, please click here.

Zakho International School

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