Zakho Students Celebrate International Children’s Day

Zakho Students Celebrate International Children’s Day

 KG2 through Grade 4 at Zakho International School, a SABIS® PPP school, celebrated International Children’s Day on November 22, 2015. Responsible for organizing this event were the SABIS Student Life Organization’s (SLO®) Activities Department and Social Responsibility Department.

To start off the activity, the KG2 students wrote messages, taped them onto balloons, and released them into the sky. Students in grades 2-4 also wrote something and took pictures and videos to get their messages across.

Prefects, part of the SLO®’s Social Responsibility Department, created a board filled with helping hands. Inside the hands were slogans, which symbolized the students’ support of the rights of other children, no matter their situation or social standing. For the last part of the activity, the students joined together in celebration by singing and dancing. 

This activity took place to help the students understand the importance of International Children’s Day. Another goal of the event was to send a message to the children throughout the world, to make sure that they know they have rights.

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