New Students Receive Warm Welcome and Support from SLO®

New Students Receive Warm Welcome and Support from SLO®

New students in grades 1-5 at Zakho International School, a SABIS® PPP school, received a warm welcome and a lot of support from the SABIS Student Life Organization®’s (SLO®) Academic Department and Outreach Department from October 5-22, 2015.

The Academic Department and the Outreach Department along with head supervisor, organized a meeting with the new students to welcome them, explain the school system, and answer the students’ questions. New students, along with prefects from the SLO®, were assigned schedules for a period of two weeks. During that time, the prefects supported the new students academically and peer tutored them in English and Math.

This meeting took place to make the new students feel more comfortable with their school and to form strong friendships with the other students. In addition, having completed their peer tutoring sessions will help them improve academically.

The new students were very enthusiastic about the experience of having a friend teaching and supporting them. The prefects also felt proud for helping improve the school’s academics.

To visit the gallery of the event, please click here.

Zakho International School

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